Did you know?

Since 1984, Operation Red Nose redistributed more than $20 million to youth and/or amateur sports organizations.

Tournée Party sans déraper

More than 240 schools visited in the province of Quebec
Orchestrated since 1989 by Operation Red Nose and Educ’alcool
Promotes road safety to young people age 16 to 21

The tournée Party sans Déraper uses a series of fun activities to educate young people about the importance of acting responsibly when it comes to alcohol consumption and impaired driving. Activities include an obstacle course completed using Fatal Vision goggles, arrest simulations, advice to party organizers, and quizzes. These games help promote road safety in a fun, non-moralistic way.

To host the tournée Party sans Déraper (available in November in the province of Quebec), or for more information about the conference, please contact Julie Martineau at [email protected] or at 1-800-463-7222.

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