35th Operation Red Nose campaign in full motion!

A positive mid-campaign report

No less than 1,278 volunteers have worn Operation Red Nose’s famous vest since the beginning of the campaign, allowing the organization to make a positive assessment of its second weekend of operation. So far, 1,764 safe rides have been provided in the 11 BC communities where the service is available. Since the beginning of this 35th national road safety campaign, more than 22,500 Canadian motorists have chosen Operation Red Nose to keep them safe for the holidays.

Getting home safe with Operation Red Nose is a quick and easy option for the motorists who don’t feel fit to drive, for whatever reason. Service users can use the free mobile app, available on Google Play and the App Store, to contact the closest headquarters, or to set an alarm to let them know that it’s time to call Operation Red Nose for their safe ride home.