In 2021, please continue to take the reins for your safety!

The 37th Operation Red Nose campaign is now over! The 2020 campaign will remain memorable as it was the first time in 36 years that we did not provide the safe ride service; the first time we held our road safety campaign 100% online; and the first time we had a campaign with no red-vested volunteers on the road.

There might not have been red vests on the road, but there definitely was passionate support from thousands of volunteers across Canada on social media. Thanks to you, we were able to continue to promote the Operation Red Nose awareness message. It is our privilege to be able to count on the support of so many volunteers, even virtually, the media who is always ready to broadcast our road safety message, local businesses, and partners, as well as our long-time provincial partners across the country.

We are hoping to see you again inside our headquarters or hear your voice on our service lines next December! Operation Red Nose would like to remind you to always plan for a safe ride home, while following public health guidelines. Whether you choose to use public transit or call a cab in 2021, please continue to take the reins for your safety!