Operation Red Nose kept 73,150 motorists safe for the holidays!

A positive anniversary campaign for Operation Red Nose!

Three days ago, Operation Red Nose finished a successful 35th annual road safety campaign proving, once again, the importance of the always relevant safe ride service after more than three decades of activities. Present in 102 communities across Canada, from New-Brunswick to British Columbia, the service will have allowed 73,150 Canadian motorists to get home safe between November 30th and December 31st. Reaching this impressive number could not have been possible without the participation of a large family of volunteers who valiantly donated of their time. They were 260 in 1984, and 50,440 to take part in the past campaign across Canada, bringing the total number of safe rides provided since the creation of Operation Red Nose to an impressive all time total of 2,297,491. In Alberta, 861 courageous volunteers braved winter conditions to safely drive home 1,485 motorists who had reached out for a safe ride.

A commitment which captures the heart

« You were more than 50,000 to join us in celebrating Operation Red Nose’s 35 years of existence, and delivering a campaign which demonstrated the importance of its safe ride service. Throughout Operation Red Nose’s growth across Canada since 1984, one thing has remained: the pertinence of its service, year after year. Operation Red Nose is not only a fun and unique activity, it’s also a concrete action against impaired driving, and a contribution to safer roads during the holiday season. For the 35th consecutive year, I say ‘Mission accomplished’! Thank you to everyone for your heartwarming commitment », declared M. Jean-Marie De Koninck, Founding President of Operation Red Nose.

Operation Red Nose: a shared success

Operation Red Nose’s mission continuously inspires new partners to support its cause, in addition to all those who renew their support, year after year. Police detachments, businesses, and various types of organizations join forces for one common goal: providing an additional option to get home safe to all who don’t feel fit to drive.

The dedication of volunteers, the financial contribution of clients and the tremendous work of those local organizations which organize the safe ride service in their community enable Operation Red Nose to annually raise 1.5 million dollars. This money is entirely redistributed to help support local youth and amateur sports organizations.

The Red Nose mobile app is a must for safe celebrations

Over the past few weeks, a large number of clients and volunteers used Operation Red Nose’s mobile application from their smartphones. The app allowed motorists to contact the closest headquarters and to set an alarm as a reminder to call for a safe ride home. With 95,155 uses recorded during the 35th campaign, the app definitely became a must for safe celebrations.