Becoming a host organization

Are you looking for an original fundraising idea? Why not organize an Operation Red Nose campaign in your community? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Marie-Chantal Fortin
Email : [email protected]


Each year, Operation Red Nose grants non-profit organizations the authorization to host Operation Red Nose in their communities. There is no cost involved, but in order to host Operation Red Nose, your organization must:

Be a legally constituted non-profit organization.
Work with youth and/or with amateur sport.
Be located in an area where Operation Red Nose does not already exist.


The opportunity to organize an original and effective fundraising campaign for your organization.

The chance to serve and impact your community in a positive way: making roads safer in your area throughout the holiday season.

A platform that can be used to promote your organization and its partners.


With more than 50, 000 volunteers participating in each campaign, Operation Red Nose is certainly one of the most popular volunteer organizations in Canada.

There’s no doubt that organizing Operation Red Nose is a fun way to do something worthwhile for the community! Operation Red Nose is a socially-rich experience which can enhance your community in many ways. Volunteering for « Red Nose » has become a holiday tradition: It’s one of winter’s pleasures!

The Support: You are not Alone in the Red Nose Adventure!

Provincial sponsors
Provincial sponsors provide the funding needed to unroll Red Nose campaigns at the local level.

The National office of Operation Red Nose
The national office of Operation Red Nose supports local host organizations throughout the year as they prepare for the upcoming ORN campaign. The staff also plans the annual communication campaign and distributes the necessary promotional material to local host organizations across the country.

Local sponsors and partners
Organizing the Operation Red Nose campaign in your community is the perfect opportunity to develop relationships with businesses and with other organizations in your area which will support your organization and contribute to the success of the campaign.

The collaboration of volunteers is also crucial in establishing and expanding a local Operation Red Nose campaign. They are at the heart of Operation Red Nose, and that is why they remain your best allies and main collaborators in your local campaign.