Operation Red Nose Invites You to Take the Reins for Your Safety

Here we go for the 2020 Operation Red Nose Campaign! Go to take-the-reins.com and explore the dazzling range of festive and informative tools such as: mocktail recipes, tips to prevent a friend from driving impaired, and distinctive accessories for your designated driver.

Operation Red Nose has adapted to the current public health situation, and its impacts on logistics, by preparing an online awareness campaign from December 1st to 31st under the theme: Take the reins for your safety!

In keeping with our tradition of humoristic messages and our dedication to making roads safer across the country, Operation Red Nose has created an innovative 2020 online awareness campaign. In these unusual times, Operation Red Nose invites you to keep the Red Nose spirit alive during the month of December by taking the reins for your safety.

“Operation Red Nose has become an important part of the Holidays, says Mr. Jean-Marie De Koninck, Founding President of Operation Red Nose. Since 1984, hundreds of organizations have hosted our program in their community. This year, we are counting on you to keep the tradition of sound decisions alive. Plan to get home safe and become an Operation Red Nose Ambassador with your colleagues, friends, and family. Together, let us take the reins for our safety!”