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Charlevoix-Ouest, Quebec

Operation Red Nose: Charlevoix-Ouest, Quebec
Beneficiary organization: Forum Jeunesse Charlevoix-Ouest

The proceeds of Operation Red Nose Charlevoix-Ouest support the following project : Promoting healthy food habits by providing healthy meals and offering sports activities to young people ages 12 to 17 in the Charlevoix region.

The project targets physical activity and healthy food habits. It is aimed at fighting a sedentary lifestyle among young people and at fostering school success by providing various sports activities during the lunch hour after participants have eaten a healthy meal. Throughout the school year, two facilitators, accompanied by a volunteer, plan and prepare meals and teach young people about the importance of eating healthy foods for their well being and their development. Each week, on average, 100 healthy meals are served to young people for the low price of $1.50 per meal (or for free for those who don’t have enough money).

Acadian Peninsula, New-Brunswick

Operation Red Nose : Acadian Peninsula
Beneficiary organization: Richelieu Clubs of Caraquet, Lamèque, Paquetville, Shippagan, and Tracadie

The proceeds of the Operation Red Nose campaign in the Acadian Peninsula are turned over to a group of 5 Richelieu Clubs, including those of Caraquet, Lamèque, Paquetville, Shippagan, and Tracadie.

In the past, donations to the program have helped raise money to fund the creation of outdoor playgrounds, as well as an athletics track at Paquetville’s Terre des Jeunes community school. The Richelieu Park, the Richelieu Youth Camp, and the Fondation Culturelle Acadienne have also benefitted from the proceeds, to help launch various local projects.

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