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Since 1984, more than 1.1 million Canadians were volunteers with Operation Red Nose

C'est notre tournée!

Interactive conference organized by Operation Red Nose and Éduc’alcool that promotes responsible drinking and safe driving to employees at companies across the province. The conference is offered free of charge, is available in French only and has been offered in workplaces since 2006.

The Topics Discussed

This conference covers a number of topics related to alcohol.

Alcohol and mixes
Alcohol goes well with food and can even be beneficial. But, did you know that alcohol can be harmful to one’s health when it is mixed with substances like caffeine, tobacco or energy drinks?

Alcohol and health
Did you know that moderate alcohol consumption can be beneficial to one’s health? Many scientific research studies show that indeed, consuming alcohol moderately and regularly can protect against certain diseases.

Alcohol and driving a vehicle
Did you know that the Canadian average of motorists who died with a blood alcohol level higher than 80mg is 30.9%?

Tips and ideas for responsible hosts
Did you know that a person consumes more alcohol more quickly when they have no place to rest their glass? Making sure there are plenty of tables for your guests to put their glasses down is a simple and effective way to help reduce their alcohol consumption.

Simulations with Fatal Vision goggles
Conference participants have the chance to participate in a number of fun activities that simulate impaired motor skills following alcohol consumption. For instance, participants have the chance to wear Fatal Vision goggles, which make the wearer feel as if they are under the influence of alcohol.

Dans la seconde partie de la conférence, les participants sont invités à mesurer leur capacité à réaliser les gestes les plus simples du quotidien, comme verser de l’eau dans un verre, ramasser des clés au sol ou marcher sur une ligne.

This conference is offered free of charge, in the province of Quebec, throughout the year. To find out more about how you can invite the program to your place of work, please contact Julie Martineau at [email protected] or at 1 800 463-7222.

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